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New 97 Aerostar XLT Owner

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by jimfree, July 17, 2011.

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    1. jimfree

      jimfree New Member

      July 17, 2011
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      North Augusta SC
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      97 Aerostar XLT
      I just purchased my first Aerostar after owning four (4) 90-92 Chrysler/Plymouth Minivans.

      My 97 3.0L 2wd has 128,000 miles with 7.5 rear end. Seems to be in pretty good shape. About the only problems when purchased was power steering resevoir empty, sliding door rear lock spring loose preventing door to close and lock and driver's door panel busted up (probably from trying to check out slow moving window). Got these repairs done. Every thing working ok after that and I was real pleased with how the vehicle responded and drove on road. BUT, within a week noticed a noise from left rear of vehicle sounding like a bad wheel bearing. Took it to local garage to get it checked out. Garage said it sounded like a rear end problem. After hearing some option costs ($400-1000), I decided to think about what I could do. I figured the first thing I would do is to check condition of rear end. Pulled off cover and drained old fluid. Looked ok. No burned fluid or metal. Replaced fulid with Lucas 80-90 wt and 7 oz tube of Gear Oil Treatment recommended by local Advance.

      New fluid did not immediately make a difference in noise. At least I know rear end has fresh fluid and no metal (even though there was some minor evidence of wear on gear teeth). Back to possible wheel bearing problem. Since I am a weekend mechanic (usually tearing up more than I fix and usually wind up spending as much or more money along with busted knuckles)

      As I was driving to check out sound noticed a skip or hesitation in the engine. Once in a while at first, but after driving about 30 miles it started happening pretty frequently. After setting for a couple of days, decided to drive it about 5 miles today to church. It missed a couple of times on the way but didn't notice it on the return trip.

      I'll be working on the two immediate problems and hope to get info from forum and will respond to results.

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    3. BrooklynBay

      BrooklynBay Moderator & long time member. Staff Member Moderator Elite Explorer

      November 11, 2005
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      Brooklyn, NY
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      88 89 93 95 96 Aerostars
      Welcome to this forum! Check the threads in the Aerostar section. There are some threads with diagrams of the differential.

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