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New Control Head Mounting Bracket

Discussion in 'Ham Radio - CB - Trail Communications' started by kfkodiak, February 7, 2005.

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  1. kfkodiak

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    April 13, 2003
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    This is not quite finished yet, but I 'll post an update with more pics when everything is back in the truck.

    I decided to change the location of the control head for my ICOM VHF rig since the bracket I had behind it broke, and I also wanted to free up the other storage bin for all my other junk.

    This is what it looked like before:

    The original setup was a compromise, because I originally wanted the display up where the gray CD changer control is in the pic. Unfortunately, the screen for the ICOM was almost unreadable if set flat against the console, due to the narrow viewing angle. I ended up working with a local car audio shop, and they built a custom swivel setup into the first pocket. It looked and worked great at first, but fell apart after about six months. In trying to repair it, I found that they had made the plate containing the display out of cardboard, not metal or plastic, then glued carpet to it. Luckily they didn't charge much for it, but I still won't do business with them anymore.

    Here's the new bracket waiting to be installed. I should have thought of this the first time:

    The idea is to get the two control heads side by side at the very top of the console, leaving the upper storage bin free. I came up with this after looking at different PDA and cell phone mounts available for the Ex.

    The bracket is made from thin anodized sheet metal used for roof flashing, and is bent to the right angle for the ICOM control head. It is bent into a "U" shape at the bottom that fits snugly around the lip on the underside of the console piece. Right now it fits very snugly without any screws. I try not to do anything permanent in visible areas of the truck, since the resale value on used Explorers is bad enough as it is.

    I covered all the edges in electrical tape for now, but I'll probably add some rubber trim later on to clean it up a bit. I'm planning on replacing the storage bin with another one too, since the old setup left several holes when I took it out.

    Not bad for a Sunday afternoon. :chug:
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