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New guy with a B2 sport roadster

Discussion in 'Bronco II' started by broncobra22, July 21, 2011.

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  1. broncobra22

    broncobra22 Active Member

    July 21, 2011
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    1985 Bronco 2
    New member old builder...I have visited many times and enjoyed reading the B2 posts on this forum, it's obvious that there is a great amount of talent, knowledge and passion for the B2 platform represented by the members and I am also aware that as a group you demonstrate a great deal of respect towards one another...all of the above attracted me to join the forum.

    I currently own 3 B2's two 87's and my current project which is an 85...about two thirds finished but I have built and/or rebuilt many vehichles over the last 64 years and doubt that I ever felt that any of them were really completed!

    I have never taken part in a forum so please let me know if I am messing up too badly or need to improve my postings etc.

    I will attempt to post a few photos of the 85....don't really know how yet, but perhaps I'll be able to learn a bit about all this in the process...wish me luck, Thanks Rick C.
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  3. 4x4junkie

    4x4junkie Well-Known Member

    March 28, 2002
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    So.Calif.(San Fernando Valley)
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    '94 Ranger, '90 Bronco II
    1st messup:
    Not learning how to insert your pics beforehand so we can actually see these great BIIs you say you have. :)

    2nd messup:
    With no pics to post, failing to ask question relating to how to put more awesomeness into said BIIs (or alternately, contributing your experiences to the forum to help us with putting the awesomeness into ours).

    lol Just kidding :D

    Ok, here's how it's done:
    On the page where you're typing your post, if you scroll down below the text box a little ways, there should be a button "Manage Attachments" Click that and you should get a pop-up window that will allow you to attach your pics much like how you'd attach a file to an email. Once your pic is uploaded and you've submitted your post, you should have thumbnail(s) of your pic(s) at the bottom of your post (you may need to resize the pics first if they are too large either with a photo editing program, or simply by setting your camera to a lower resolution setting such as 640x480 pixels before taking the pic).

    Alternatively you can use an external photo hosting site such as www.photobucket.com and then link the pics into your post using the formatted links they provide you (photobucket also gives you an option to resize your pics on the spot after you upload them).

    Hope that helps.

    Welcome to the BII group :chug:

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