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New here.. 98 Sport loaded with problems :D

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by 98grnsport, March 29, 2017.

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    1. 98grnsport

      98grnsport New Member

      March 29, 2017
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      1998 Ford Explorer Sport
      Well I've owned a lot of vehicles, have a 89 s15 gmc 4x4 I blew the motor in thats getting in a l69 305 ho in it. Which lead me to a 01 tribute 4dr metallic green, good rig leaked a lot of oil, high kilometres.. Then a Honda Accord, now my $450 1998 Explorer Sport 191,000km

      18" chrome alloy rims I want to colour soon came with it, Bluetooth Kenwood deck wired wrong, fixed that to find the sub blown so have to fix that, cracked windshield, and leaking trans issues since a new $1200 torque converter was apparently installed (who knows). On the way home more issues occurred.

      The SUV had tons of power but stank like rotten eggs.. I brought it home it started stalling on me, I decided to take off the tps and clean it, still stalled. Next I decided to clean the IAC since I heard it whining, I cleaned it with Electronic cleaner. The whining quit but now my explorer idles at 1500rpm at times fluctuates.

      I scanned the codes, egr system fault first came up. I looked and the green vacuum hose on the egr unit had a hole, I used some scotch tape on it as a temp fix, it actually melted to the hose in a way that it became one with the hose and the egr system functions again. However the 02 sensors all throw codes lol and the IAC throws a high idle code...

      Currently my fix is to go under it, cut the exhaust behind the cats, buy 2" adaptors and clamps and bang out the insides of the cats with a long metal pole of sorts.. I believe this will work lol.. Any ideas? And thanks for the forum. I decided to join after seeing some cool stuff on here.
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