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New Steering Rack - 2014 Sport

Discussion in 'Stock 2011 - 2019 Ford Explorer Discussion' started by SHUMAX, December 9, 2018.

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    December 30, 2002
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    2019 Explorer Sport
    Please do not merge this with the other thread. The reason being is the conditions around this replacement seem different.

    My 2014 Sport had it's original steering rack replaced around 45k for the reasons in that thread - terrain management light on, etc. In this case, at 113k, I had a binding that would occur. No lights ever came on. When cold, if you turn the steering wheel left about 3", it would bind and then POP. A metal on metal feeling you could hear and feel in the steering wheel. The dealer couldn't repeat it at first and then called back and said they did and traced it to the rack. So, for $2k, it was replaced and the issue has been resolved.

    While there, they also replaced the plugs and double checked the gap. That, along with a reset of the computer eliminated the "hesitation/bucking" I would get when accelerating from 45mph, on up, while in top gear.

    Finally, the rear upper control arm bushings were replaced on the passengers rear due to a clunk on uneven services.

    It's running good now; however, I'm shocked we're on steering rack number 3 - original, replacement at 45k and second replacement at 113k. Yikes...

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  3. Tsuga

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    2013, Explorer, Sport
    Your bucking and hesitation...Does it sound like the condition of the OP's explorer? Thanks

    Highway shudder

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