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New Tires; Now ABS Kicks In

Discussion in 'Tires & Wheels' started by LXCoupe1989, December 22, 2017.

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    1. LXCoupe1989

      LXCoupe1989 New Member

      December 22, 2017
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      Detroit, MI
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      2011 Explorer Limited 4wd
      Hello, I have an all stock 2011 Explorer Limited 4wd that I recently installed 265/50-20 Cooper Discoverer AT3's on. The new Cooper's are only .2" bigger in radius than stock, so I didn't think they'd affect too much but they do weight a bit more being AT's. During moderately hard braking I get a slight grinding sound right before I'm fully stopped but not long enough to feel in brake pedal. At first I thought the tires were rubbing but after looking there's no sign of rubbing. So, I'm thinking it's the abs kicking in last minute cause the computer thinks it's stopped but the abs still sees movement.

      I logged into the truck with forscan and under the tire size it only list the wheel sizes (17", 18", 20") instead of actual tire sizes like my 2013 Raptor does and my cheap OB2 ELM327 won't read the ABS computer. Anybody else have this problem going to 265/50-20's or know if taking it to Ford to change the tire size is even worth it? Also, this problem doesn't exist at slow braking and it didn't exist with the stock size tires under hard braking.
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