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newbie few questions here

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by ghetto2dr92, December 20, 2004.

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    1. ghetto2dr92

      ghetto2dr92 New Member

      December 20, 2004
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      92 2 door V6 5speed
      im about to buy a 92 2 dr explorer 4x4 4.0L V6 5speed fully loaded power everything 58,000 miles from a friend for $1,000.
      i wanna put at least 33s on it.
      im just a poor ol country boy so cheep is good lol
      first lift mod will be a 3inch body lift
      i want 2.5-3" susp. lift
      cheepest i can find my question is
      1.what are some good cheep lifts 2.5 or 3" susp lifts
      2. would i be able to fit 33s 33x10.50 or 33x11.50 or 33x12.50 perferable and ill be gettin the black daytona rock crawler time rims 15x8
      3. is offroad bumpers need front,rear,rock sliders on the sides ,and offroad rack for the roof

      i dont know a whole ton about explorers so if im missing anythign that goes into lifting or anything else plz tell me and any other ideas email me pimpn_da_rebel_flag@yahoo.com

      this will be a daily driver and weekend mudder and trail rider nothing to extreme

      thanx guys look forward to many posts and ideas on here
      talk to yall later
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    3. bitchinexplorer

      bitchinexplorer Active Member

      October 3, 2004
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      91 XLT
      a cheap suspension lift is coil spacers in the front, and warrior shackles in the rear. with that and a 3 inch body lift, youll clear 33s.

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