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OBD2 Troubleshooting

Discussion in 'Computers, Chips & Tuning' started by Amarotica, August 28, 2016.

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    1. Amarotica

      Amarotica New Member

      August 28, 2016
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      2004 Explorer
      Hi all,
      I recently got an 04 explorer. It came with some odd but not hidden transmission problems and also the spare tire rim on it so no TPMS sensor on that wheel. I bought a OBDII scan tool that claims to read manufacture codes and generic codes but no codes are coming up for the constant TPMS dash light nor the transmission. I really want to figure out the tranny problems and I am guessing it's a shift solenoid that's stuck or broken but I can't read the codes!!! Anybody have any clue if t is a wiring problem in the explorer or the OBDII scanner that has the problems? The scanner doesn't say it has errors but I thought it was odd that the OBDII port on the car only has 8 wires out of 16 going to it... Anyone know how many wires are supposed to connect there? Attached is a picture of the port. Thanks a lot!!! BTW sorry for the link image I can't figure out how to input the image onto the board. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzojNZze7c97UGNCUWFyYUtjUzQ
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    3. drdoom

      drdoom Well-Known Member

      December 13, 2007
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      2005 Eddie Bauer 4.6L 4X4
      Many scanners won't read Ford transmission codes. Try a different scanner or also the open-source software ForScan is very good.

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