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?? On 2018 explorer sync 3 navigation.

Discussion in '2017+ Sync 3 / In Vehicle Technology' started by Gilbert M Vega, February 26, 2018.

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    1. Gilbert M Vega

      Gilbert M Vega Elite Explorer

      February 4, 2018
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      Tx Hill Country
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      2018 black Explorer Sport
      What is required to continue using the navigation system on the Explorer? Do I need to continue the data plan after the trial period?
      Is there a subscription for maps and travel info? Cost?
      Of what use is the data plan if all our mobile devices are on their own data plan?
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    3. Mlarv5

      Mlarv5 Active Member

      November 8, 2010
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      Kent Ohio
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      2017 Platinum Ruby Red
      Morning The GPS Navigation system is free to use as long as it works. The only thing that will happen is the maps will go out of date over time. Just like a Garmin or a Tom Tom.

      The better choose would be, if you have a smart phone use it for your maps.
      If you have an Android device (Samsung LG etc) use Android Auto
      If you have an Apple device use Car Play.

      Plug it into the USB port and select setting on the radio screen. Enable either Android Auto or Car Play then allow it on your phone. You will be able to use the maps from your phone. The issue with this is the phone will use Data so if you are not on a plan that allows a lot of Data you will bur though it pretty fast.
    4. cwescapexlt4x4

      cwescapexlt4x4 Explorin' the Desert SW Elite Explorer

      May 3, 2005
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      Litchfield Park, AZ area...
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      2016 Explorer LTD (FWD)
      OR you can pay to update your nav (if needed) in a few years from now ... that said, IF your area has a lot of new roads being built it might justify the $200 +/- cost for the update. I was fortunate that I got a great deal on mine (not Sync 3) that updated it slightly from a friend on here.

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