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ORBA Hosts Historic Land Use Summit in Nevada

Discussion in 'Land Use Issues' started by Tbars4, August 2, 2014.

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    1. Tbars4

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      March 4, 2007
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      ..I was fortunate enough to be asked into the closed door meeting of this fine group who are at the forefront of the fight to keep our Public Lands Public and who fight for the rights of the Off Road community..

      ..I got to see these fine Men and Women at work and was allowed to take the official pictures..

      ..These folks fight for our rights not only locally, regionally, but also in Washington D.C. :salute:

      ..Take a few minutes and read the whole story and please share this information with your friends too..



      The following attended the Land Use Summit.

      Jerry Abboud - Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition
      Don Amador - BRC, Quiet Warrior Racing
      Jeff Blewett - CA4WDC
      Steve Egbert - CA4WDC
      Russ Ehnes - NOHVCC
      Julie Ellsworth - Facilatator
      Brad Franklin - Yamaha
      Scott Gerz - Nevada Trail Stewards
      Stuart Gosswein - SEMA
      Jerry Grabow - AMA D37
      Nick Harris - AMA
      David Hubbard - Ecologic Partners
      Carol Jensen - Pacific Northwest 4-WDA
      Don Jensen - Pacific Northwest 4-WDA
      Scott Jones - Off Road Business Association
      William Kaeppner - The Ohio Motorized Trails Association
      Jeff Knoll - Carrera Performance Group, LLC
      Janell Kukuk - Colorado Snowmobile Assoc
      Gary Lambert - The Nevada Trail Stewards
      Greg McKay - Nevada OHV Commission
      Sandra Mitchell - Idaho Recreation Council
      Donn Nay - AMA D37
      Alexis Nelson - Off Road Business Association
      Dave Pickett - AMA D36
      Steve Salisbury - AMA (DC)
      David Spuhler - CA4WDC
      John Stewart - CA4WDC
      Paul Turcke - Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke, Chtd.
      Mark Turner - Daystar Products International
      Fred Wiley - Off Road Business Association
      Amy Seagraves - Cal 4 Wheel
      Larry Caulkins - Nevada 4 WD Association
      Del Albright - BRC
      Tye Morgan - USDA
      Todd Ockbert - Blue Ribbon Coalition
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