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outside air temp freezes up

Discussion in 'Stock 1995 - 2001 Explorers' started by 4x4husky, June 26, 2010.

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  1. 4x4husky

    4x4husky New Member

    June 26, 2010
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    sonora, ca
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    97' XLT
    hi there. i don't actually own an explorer, but i do have an 83' F150 and not too long ago i installed an overhead temp/compass display out of a 98' explorer in it. Wired everything correctly according to this


    The compass functions normally but theres a problem with the temp. When i first start it in the morning, it'll show the correct temp, but after about 5 minutes it'll freeze at whatever temp it's at and continue showing me that temp, despite shutting the truck off for several hours, until the next morning. I've replaced and relocated the sensor 3 times and replaced the comp/temp module twice now but it's still doing it. because of that i wanna think it's some kind of wiring error, but according to that guide everything is hooked up properly. Any ideas on how to fix this? i really don't wanna resort to trying a module out of a jeep or dodge...
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