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For Sale PLAN B Parts thread /91 Sport parts (So Cal)

Discussion in 'Auto & Truck Parts For Sale' started by Stic-o, January 31, 2018.

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    1. Stic-o

      Stic-o Elite Movie Star Elite Explorer

      September 1, 2002
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      Lake View Terrace, CA
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      '91 Navajo '99 XL '16 XLT
      The entire bumper is hollow and has a lid on the top. The locks need to be replaced however. I can get a picture of the back, but I'm not sure what you mean by condition. You couldn't put a dent in this thing if you dropped it off the empire state building and we don't have rust here....because it never rains....lol

      Bumper looks to weight about 300 lbs. Hard to get a exact with a bathroom scale:dunno:

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    3. colintrax

      colintrax Elite Explorer

      July 16, 2009
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      97 XLT and 91 Ranger
      Yeah I was referring to rust when I said condition. Forgot y'alls air is so dry you gotta use lip balm to keep your lips from cracking all year. Lol
      So it looks like I'll need to make brackets to mount to the frame, and replace the lock?
      If so will you take $400 and I'll cover the shipping?

      BTW 300lbs is friggin crazy! I'm gonna need new springs, add a leaf and air shocks are just enough to keep it level as it is lol

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