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    1. Capt. K-9

      Capt. K-9 New Member

      January 22, 2016
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      Hollywood, MD
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      2013 Ford Explorer

      Just did a quick Google on code PO144C and got to very different corrective actions,

      - evaporative emission system purge check valve performance
      - down stream O2 sensor (high voltage)

      We have an 2013 Explorer 2.0 eco boost motor with 120,000 miles on it. I recently replaced the Turbo to resolved a bad rattle and a PO299 code. Catalytic was not removed, O2 Sensor was untouched. Complete success and was code free for about 1000 miles...

      Car drives normal, we are not required to have emissions tested in our area so can’t tell if that has changed. Switched to premium 93 octane after turbo replacement.

      Code will not reset

      Thoughts. (Other than trade it in)
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