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Police Interceptor Grill on 2018 Explorer???

Discussion in 'Body Work & Detailing' started by GracieJohn, October 9, 2018.

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    1. GracieJohn

      GracieJohn New Member

      October 2, 2018
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      San Diego, CA
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      2018 Explorer Base
      Just got a new 2018 Explorer, Base model V6.

      Want to replace the chrome front grill with a black one and after checking around on eBay, the black Police Interceptor Grill is about $350ish, while the black Grill for the Sport is about $500ish. Some of the "check compatibility" links using my VIN show it will work, while others say it will not.

      I called Fairway Ford in Ohio that sells parts on eBay and they said they sell quite a few of the Interceptor Grills and about 20% of them get returned as the customer said "it didn't fit", while 80% of people are keeping them. Sooooo......it must be working somehow! lol

      I'm specifically looking at Part # FB5Z8200GB

      Any input?

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