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Question for the trans gurus out there...

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by Texan01, March 11, 2013.

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  1. Texan01

    Texan01 Active Member

    November 16, 2001
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    Dallas, TX
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    1995 Explorer XLT
    1995 Explorer 2wd- 312,000 miles on it. 90,000 miles on rebuilt 4R55E, since rebuild trans has been serviced every 20-30,000 miles.

    Question; Does a '97-00 4r55e work identically-electrically to the '95?

    When I had the trans rebuilt in 06 due to broken intermediate band, and it was starting to have a soft 2-3 shift at WOT mileage on the truck was 225,000.

    Now it's still got a soggy 2-3 shift, to the point that unless I manually force it into 2nd from 3rd, it is a really weak and slipping shift when it gets hot. and it starting to hunt on the TCC when in 4th under slight load. It occasionally will slip in drive when hot, after reversing, a quick drop to 2 or 1 and back to D solves it.

    I've replaced the EPC solenoid a while back with a known good one and that crutched it along. But I feel that I can no longer trust the transmission in it, and the shop that rebuilt it had told me that the servo bores are worn to the limit of 'good' then. I imagine they are way out of spec now.

    I don't think a VB would help as its got good compression braking (as proven by going up and down Pikes Peak a few times in it- holds to about 20mph down that road)
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