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R12 compressor replacement

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by Jason94sport, July 15, 2011.

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    1. Jason94sport

      Jason94sport Well-Known Member

      April 30, 2001
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      South FL
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      02 Sport 2WD 5 speed
      It happened today. My compressor seized up. Horrible noises with the Ac on.
      For replacements, do I need a R12 specific one? Or can I use the many replacements that are for 134? I have no intention of converting it.

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    3. ranger7ltr

      ranger7ltr Elite Explorer

      November 17, 2001
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      Great State of Texas
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      1999 Sport
      A compressor is a compressor...

      What matters is the oil used in the system and that oil is compatible with the refrigerant you use...But you need to chaeck the rest of the system for black death and see if you need to replace the condensor as well as the accumluator, the orifice tube and hoses as well as the compressor...

      If you stay with R12 mineral oil is what is used with that refrigerant...Personally I like using Polyalpha A+ which is a synthetic oil compatible with all refrigerants...

      I sure hope you don't find any melted grey or black teflon on the orifice tube...If you do you cannot flush that crap out of the condensor no matter how much you try...

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