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Random static/crackling coming from rear speakers

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by HaulinSS, June 22, 2011.

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    1. HaulinSS

      HaulinSS New Member

      June 22, 2011
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      Bozeman, MT
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      2011 Limited
      We have a 2011 Limited with roughly 6200 miles on it. From the get go, we have had an issue with random static/crackling coming from the rear speakers. It doesn't matter if the radio is on or off or how the fader is set. It usually starts out very subtle and gradually builds up to where it is unbelievably loud. After it starts to hurt your ears, it stops. I can't reproduce the issue as it seems completely random. It has been back to the dealer twice now and the issue remains. The last time it was in the shop, they updated the Sync to 2.7 (I think). The issue went away for a month or so but returned this weeekend. Has anyone else had this issue?

      It is going back to the dealer to have them look at an overheating issue and have them check into a weird downshifting issue when heading down hills. So far, I am not very impressed with this vehicle. We have had it less than 4 months and this will be it's 3rd trip to the dealership.
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