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replacing a 4.0hhhnnooo in a 02 explorer pt 2!

Discussion in 'Stock 2002 - 2005 Explorers' started by 03explorereb, July 25, 2011.

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    1. 03explorereb

      03explorereb Active Member

      February 18, 2011
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      cuba, missouri
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      06 explorer xlt
      just a quick update on my recent extraction and reclamation project i started awhile back. it took me a little while to find an engine but turns out i found a complete low mileage donor truck (65000) with a bad transmission for 500 bucks. killer deal right? anyways so after the motor extraction from the first ex came the second extraction a little later. wasn't really psyched up about doing another motor pull but for the money spent i couldn't pass it up. ran into a few problems with the second one, mainly being the exhaust manifold flange nuts being a real pain in the ass (thanks tower for pointing that out on your swap...i was lucky on my first one but my luck ran out on the second one!:D), so i had to snap them off and replace the studs.
      install was a little bit of a learning experience. what i discovered and what some of you already know is that just because an engine comes out easy doesn't necessarily mean it will go back in like that. i did discover that because of the fact that i didn't pull or move the tranny it made mating up with the engine all that much harder. in the end i had to remove both engine mounts to make the engine a little more moveable. mid motor plate was a huge pain to keep it on. from this point it became a two man job lining the engine up to the tranny and getting the converter studs to pass through the flywheel/flexplate. then all at once it just fell into place. Suck-cess! from that point it was just raising the motor to match the motor mounts and their position. really all in all it wasn't that bad of a job. i did have a little scare regarding the converter nuts as i dropped one into the inside of the bellhousing as i was attempting to fasten the converter to the flexplate.........:( .luckily i had a flex magnet and was able to fish it out. put everything back together and so far so good. wahoo! thanks to everybody on the forum for their two cents and i will talk to you all again soon.
      p.s.: if anybody has any questions on this please feel free to ask.
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