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SD NAV card fault

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by Dxta, April 15, 2018.

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    1. Dxta

      Dxta New Member

      April 5, 2018
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      2011ford explorer ltd
      Have had this message displayed on my car's navigation system ever since we for the car.

      What could have caused it, and where is this SD card located? I'd want to remove it, and take a look at it.

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    3. Stephen Cannon

      Stephen Cannon Active Member

      August 25, 2018
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      2018 Explorer Sport
      Probably already been answered but I will try anyway.

      I can't speak for the Explorer but my 14 Taurus SHO and pretty much every Taurus from 2013-2016 had the card in the center console. I am taking a hopefully decently educated guess that with NAV you have the SYNC My ford Touch (MFT) and SD card is probably same location. SD slot should be next to the USB Ports.

      NAV SD CARD FAULT: This is usually a fairly simple fix. Remove for about 30 seconds minimum then re install until it clicks.

      I noticed the LAGOS in the profile, if it is Lagos, Nigeria then follow above steps.

      If vehicle is in the US especially during extreme cold and dry air that message can come up fairly frequently. The common denominator is usually extreme cold (below 20F) and extreme dry air when it gets too cold to have precipitation. The trick for me that worked pretty well was remove the card, warm up in your hands for a couple of minutes, make sure there is no contamination on the card especially the metallic contact points and re install. The fault should clear it might take a few tries of insert, remove, insert, remove etc...

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