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shaking feeling , od light on..

Discussion in 'Transmissions & Transfer Cases' started by dtl 2k2 sport, September 24, 2011.

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  1. dtl 2k2 sport

    dtl 2k2 sport Well-Known Member

    February 29, 2004
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    stafford Va
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    2002 SPORT
    Ok od light is flashing on my 98 sport. Automatically I'm thinking the stupid transmision is falling out. But drive it around and the light will go off and shift fairly smooth. But highway speeds the Rpms are at 3k near 70 mph. Im pretty sure I'm destroying what's left of this transmission. But its a toy and had 145k when last checked.

    Today I was playing around in a few muddy backroads and going down the highway I notice when I stomped on the gas the Rpms dove to 2k and its shaking. Never lost power but the girl didn't like all that heaping 4.o power. So od light flashes but not constant and now my truck is convulsing. Any ideas?
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