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Single knock under load *WEIRD!!

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by Creager, December 17, 2004.

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  1. Creager

    Creager Well-Known Member

    October 11, 2004
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    Charlotte, NC
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    '92 Sport 4x4
    Everytime my truck gets that initial load a knocking sound is heard. It almost sounds like a (metal) slapping noise. I dont know man, its been occuring for over a year, it hasnt got any louder, it hasnt changed in tone or anything and its always garenteed to happen, i could set my watch by it.

    I checked all the drive line. Wheel joints to the transmission, everything is tight and snug. I thought it might be the exhaust; i got under there an bent the exhaust shield back at all the choak points and i still got no change (THAT WAS NOT EASY!).

    So im in the same place i was a year ago, what the hell is making that noise?
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  3. IZwack

    IZwack Moderator Emeritus

    February 5, 2003
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    Germantown, MD
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    1998 Ford Explorer
    I've read a few threads that matches what you've said - though it can still be many many things. Anyways, what I'm thinking is that you're rear drive shaft has gone dry. I forgot what it's called but its the joint that allows you to advance your driveshaft forwad (relative to the car's chasis) a little bit when you want to disconnect it from the rear differential. There are a few threads on this forum on how to grease this joint up. Try this first - its relatively cheap to do and shouldn't take too long.

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