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slow coolant leak, and random miss/weak fire.

Discussion in 'Stock 2006 -2010 Explorers' started by zerodevil, January 15, 2020 at 2:34 AM.

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  1. zerodevil

    zerodevil Well-Known Member

    March 24, 2008
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    Anchorage, AK
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    2008 White Limited V8
    Hey Yall.

    I have a 2008 LTD with the 4.6L 3v. Recently discovered I have a slow coolant leak somewhere, that I have thusfar not been able to locate. there is no obvious puddling, or wet spots inside of the engine bay. There is no Coolant in the Oil, and no oil in the coolant, so fairly safe to rule out head gasket issues. My larger issue is that I have a completely random misfire/weak fire. Its not enough for the truck to turn on the CEL and give me a code. Truck will be 100% fine for 20-30 minutes, and then start sputtering/missing/lurching for awhile. Also appears to not care if the truck is warm or cold. Did Coils and Plugs a little over a year and a half ago, all motorcraft, all done per the manual. I'll pull the coils and check them with my meter tomorrow at some point.

    In the meantime I was wondering if these 3v engines are known to have intake manifold gasket issues? Any other known trouble areas to look at?
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  3. 94Eddie

    94Eddie Elite Explorer

    September 18, 2003
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    2010 Mountaineer Premier
    I had a coolant leak issue recently and it was the radiator. This is a common issue with 3V 4.6L engines and the place where the leaks occur are hard to spot. Many times you won't see any obvious drips. If you do replace the radiator you might want to replace the water pump, hoses and thermostat if you have over 100k miles on you Explorer. These things are easy and inexpensive to replace with a radiator swap.

    I was going to say the misfire sounds like a classic coil issue but if you have replaced them recently then it might be plugs or ignition wires. I have also read where water can pool in certain plug wells and cause misfires. My experience with bad coils is that it has taken a long time for them to register a code. They have to be close to the point of complete failure before this occurs.

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