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Smart Junction Box Problem? HELP!

Discussion in 'Stock 2006 -2010 Explorers' started by Sgt2007exp, January 6, 2019.

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  1. Sgt2007exp

    Sgt2007exp New Member

    January 6, 2019
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    Gresham, Oregon
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    2007 Explorer XLT
    Hello All,
    I'm a newbie here but have checked out the site many times looking for various info. Now I hope some one can help. I have some odd issues with my 2007 XLT 4X4. I have looked all over the net for months now and haven't seen anything about anyone having the same issue. The problem(s) started in the summer of 2018. driving along and all of a sudden my E-brake light came on, not the ABS light but the other one, the dash illumination went out but all gauges work fine. The TPMS light came on as well. I then found that the turn signals all work, but I don't get the indication "click-click" noise. If I put it in reverse the reverse lights don't come on, and the rear park assist works for about 3 seconds then I get the "check park assist". The door ajar light is also on. four wheel drive won't work either, and I also have no tone if I leave the headlights on or key in the ignition. I believe it may have something to do with the Smart Junction Box as I've checked all fuses. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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