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Speedometer Gear Data

Discussion in 'Under the Hood' started by Bronco638, December 29, 2004.

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    November 17, 2003
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    '96 XLT 4.0L OHV
    I originally found this on The Ranger Station site and thought I'd repost (since I see a lot of members asking for speedo gear info).

    Manual Transmissions and all 4x4s:

    16 tooth wine(C0DZ-A)
    17 tooth white(C3DZ-C)
    18 tooth yellow(C0DD-B)
    19 tooth pink(C0DZ-B)
    20 tooth black(C1DZ-A)
    21 tooth red(C4OZ-A)

    2WD Automatic Transmissions:

    16 tooth blue(D0AZ-A)
    17 tooth green(C7SZ-A)
    18 tooth gray(C7SZ-B)
    19 tooth tan(C7VY-A)
    20 tooth orange(C8SZ-B)
    21 tooth purple(D0OZ-B)

    Here's the link to the info on The Ranger Station:Speedo Gear data

    I just swapped in 4.10 axles with 32" BFGs. I used the Ford Motorsport formula:
    Driven Gear Teeth = (Drive Gear Teeth x Axle Ratio x Tire Rev. Per Mile) / 1000

    There are 7 teeth on the gear in my BW1354 (and since the speedo worked fine with my 4405, I'll assume there's 7 teeth on that gear too). You can find the tire's revolutions per mile under the "Specs" link on TireRack.com. From there it's simple math:
    ~19 = ( 7 * 4.10 * 655 ) / 1000

    Hope this helps - Dave.
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