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Sterio won't turn off (or function)!

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by JeffTX, September 11, 2018.

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  1. JeffTX

    JeffTX New Member

    August 12, 2018
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    Austin, TX
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    2004 Eddie Bauer 2WD
    Hi All,

    This is a head-scratcher. The short story is the sterio in my 2004 Eddie Bauer Explorer is displaying "Phone" and the only way to shut it off is disconnect the power (I have no idea why it's displaying Phone because it doesn't have a phone interface). It won't function at all or respond to any input from the controls.

    It drained my new battery staying on for a couple days, so I pulled the #3 fuse to disable the audio unit until I can figure out the cause.

    It doesn't seem related to the feature that keeps the radio on after the vehicle is turned off. I haven't detected any issues with the ignition switch, but, there are all kinds of issues with the audio unit before this happened - like using the dial to change the volume instantly maximizes the level (its actually pretty funny when a passenger reaches the volume before I can warn them - scares the "bleep" out of everyone!). Plus, the drivers side speaker would cut in and out.

    Anyone have this problem before? Anyone have an idea why the head unit displays "Phone" and won't turn off, or on and function?

    I'm trying not to put money into things not related to getting me from point A to point B. I already have to replace both front hubs, upper bushings, and stabilizers, which I hope will get rid of the noise when steering left - sounds like I'm driving over small ridges.

    Many thanks.
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