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Strange Noise

Discussion in 'Stock 2006 -2010 Explorers' started by golthem, February 11, 2020.

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  1. golthem

    golthem New Member

    September 28, 2019
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    2006 Ford Explorer EB
    Hey folks! I have been dealing with an issue over the past couple of months and hope maybe someone here will be able to help me out. I like being able to work on the car myself, but I am new to it and do not have the experience many of you do, so I am hoping you might be able to help me out.

    I have a 2006 Eddie Bauer edition that is just about to hit 130,000. I have been having a strange grating noise that seems to come from the driver's side of the vehicle and more toward the center front. It starts as a low grating as I begin to accelerate but then quickly turns into a fast high pitched grating noise. Once I get below 20 MPH it stops. The vehicle can be difficult to get up to speed, it just drags a little bit more than normal, and my gas mileage has gone down quite a bit.

    A mechanic friend initially recommended replacing the u-joint to the front driveshaft which helped boost my gas mileage from 11 MPG to 12 MPG, but I still have the noise.

    Any thoughts or things you might recommend checking?
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  3. Littleant

    Littleant Active Member

    September 10, 2016
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    2010 Mountaineer 4.0
    Front differential. Check the fluid first. Does it make any noise at startup. If it does possible timing chain. But leaning towards Front differential. Other's will chime in.
  4. 94Eddie

    94Eddie Elite Explorer

    September 18, 2003
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    2010 Mountaineer Premier
    The best way to target the source of the noise is to put the vehicle on a lift with the wheels free and run it to cause the noise to appear. This would also allow easy access to check for wheel bearing problems and easily inspect other components. Also, if you are seeing a significant MPG drop due to a drive train issue then the failing component should be hotter than it normally would run. The energy consumed by the drive train component would most like be dissipated as heat generated from added friction. Checking various drive train items with a laser thermometer could be a way to identify where a problem component might be. Checking the rear differential temperature against the front differential temperature after a drive might show if their is a problem in the front differential.

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