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sweet silver explorer outside of the "baja shop" in orange

Discussion in 'General Explorations!!' started by coolchris, September 23, 2002.

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  1. coolchris

    coolchris Elite Explorer

    October 7, 2001
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    1996 xlt
    hey guys, i just went over to check out "the baja shop" off of chapman in orange.... and there was a sick 1st generation explorer out front. it was silver with a 2nd generation front end fiberglass conversion with custom i-beams and a buncha suspension stuff with king coils and everything. he also had a full roll cage inside. i left a note on his window to check out this site... hopefully well hear from him soon :) i wish i could have gotten a pic but i didnt have my digital camera with me.

    also... it looks like the baja shop does some good work, im gonna talk to them soon about what they can do for my front end. i talked to this guy jason (brother of the owner of j-star car dealership www.jstarmotors.com ) who is selling his 2001 ranger, he had all his work done at the baja shop (custom a-arms with king coils front (18'' travel) and back and more) he told me to go check em out so i did. i was in a hurry and didnt get a chance get into any serious talks about my suspension, but from talking to jason he said it was like 6k for the front and about 3k for the rear with the shocks comming through the bed of the truck... sounds like a lot of money but its worth a shot to check it out.
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