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The dreaded GEM troubleshooting

Discussion in '2001-2005 Explorer Sport Trac' started by MAGreene, January 5, 2014.

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  1. MAGreene

    MAGreene New Member

    January 5, 2014
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    New Jersey
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    2001 Explorer Sport Trac
    I am new, but I have read the many threads about GEM problems. They have been helpful, but I am still stuck.
    I found a passive drain after replacing a battery and then having to jump a new battery not long after the replacement. I used a test light in series to check fuses. The Gem fuse coupled with the radio fuse, or the fuse box fuse under the hood would seem to stop the drain judging from the test light, but I found over time there was still a drain on the battery. I pulled the relays (drivers side box) for the battery saver and other accessor. s but no change. I then replaced one of the four relays as it was hot during the testing, but no change. Throughout all of this, I was inspecting wire condition andmoving them around to see if I had a loose connection but no luck. I checked diagnostics, but no codes. Finally, I pulled the GEM connectors-drain gone!
    So, I called dealers parts and was told there was a serious backorder. I asked about the necessary programing, and was connected to service. I spoke to the service manager about time and cost for programming. He was obviously angry about my doing my own troubleshooting and told me they wouldn't touch it unless it was together,and it was a 2 hour min @ 95 per for diagnosis. Obviously, another dealer will be getting my business in the near future.
    I realize there still is the outside chance of another cause. But, a few other things that have happened contribute to the case against the GEM...the remote door locks would not work on hot days for the last year or two and the rear window stopped working consistently before that.
    When I opened the GEM, it was clean with no signs of water damage and no obvious component damage. Iwish I could get the specs on the circuit card for testing, as it would be easier to troubleshoot and repair than wait for a new one. I haven't been able to locate a used one with the same model and options.
    Finally, my question...without any other symptoms and all considered, am I missing something that needs to be checked or can the GEM be disabled. Without the GEM installed, there are no wipers and I am not sure what else.
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