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Top dead center on the camshaft sensor. Picture needed.

Discussion in 'Stock 1991 - 1994 Explorers' started by 93BobOmb, July 25, 2011.

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  1. 93BobOmb

    93BobOmb New Member

    June 8, 2011
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    93 xlt
    I have read all the information here on the cps and how to install and set one.

    What I need is someone with a 93 or a 94 explorer to set their engine to top dead center cylinder 1, take the cap off the cps and take a picture. All I need is the initial reference point, then i can set it with my dvom.

    Please. I need your help. I'm almost done with my rebuild, this is all I need to get it running properly. I have the cylinders set to tdc #1, but its a fresh rebuild and I don't want to have to spin it back to tdc a half a dozen times without the cylinders being lubed.

    A picture isn't even 100% necessary. I just need a diagram, rough sketch, or even a baseline to go off of.
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