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Unpredictable AC

Discussion in 'A/C & Heater systems - HVAC' started by Cashcrazy, June 4, 2018.

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  1. Cashcrazy

    Cashcrazy Active Member

    April 2, 2015
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    2011 Limited Explorer
    I originally posted this in the 5th Gen section, but I just found this A/C section. I hope an HVAC expert might find it here.

    2011 Explorer. I’m having a problem with my AC and it’s hot outside! It blows cold air at idle but about half the time it starts blowing warm/hot air once highway speed is reached and then will continue to blow hot air. I can restart the car and it usually wont start blowing cold air again. The problem seems to occur when the outside temps reach 90 degrees or higher. I had a reputable shop evacuate and recharge the system this week. The issue was present before the trip to the shop, but now an over or under charge can be eliminated. The air continues to blow steady out of the selected vent and isn’t switching to defrost or other area. I sent it back to the shop today and all the pressures are still perfect in the system and they cant get it to replicate the problem. This is probably due to the cloudy day and 75-80 degree temperatures. Has anyone had this same issue? Thanks in advance.
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