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What feeds the sub?

Discussion in 'Explorer Audio & Navigation' started by jxtlbtironman, February 20, 2013.

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    1. jxtlbtironman

      jxtlbtironman New Member

      November 28, 2012
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      2007 Ford Explorer XLT
      Bought a new radio for my explorer, it is a 2007 xlt ironman. The radio came with a harness, but I still need to get the vehicle harness that connects me into the factory wiring if I decide to do the install myself. However, looking at the radio harness side of the wiring, I'm trying to figure out what feeds the factory subwoofer in the vehicle.

      On the harness itself, I have:
      4 sets of leads -purple, white, gray, and green - each set feeding a signal to one of the 4 doors

      A yellow/black for "mute"

      An orange/white to be connected to lighting switch terminal

      A light green lead for the parking brake

      A blue/white for remote system control

      Black for ground

      Red for ignition controlled 12V

      Yellow for constant 12V

      and a violet/white for reverse gear signal input.

      No other leads coming off of Pioneer's harness, so what is giving my sub a signal? Anyone know what feeds the sub with the system as is from factory? Should I expect that wiring the Pioneer harness into an aftermarket harness to interface the vehicle wiring will result in my sub working, or do I need to fashion some other sort of signal to feed the sub?
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    3. fonicsmonkey

      fonicsmonkey Member

      May 4, 2011
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      Manchester, NH
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      2006 Limited
      I have an 06 Limited...I purchased the PAC audio C2R-FRD1 adapter harness. Its around $90...but well worth it.

      This harness plugs into the 3 plugs that come out of the OEM radio. This harness supplies a wire carrying a 5v regulated signal for enabling the amp/sub. You just wire the aftermarket radios remote turn on wire (usually blue/white) to the wire supplied on the harness (also blue/white)

      The aftermarket harness changes the 12v signal to a 5v signal required by the amp/sub. If you didn't change the signal from 12v to 5v you would get a popping sound in the sub when you either turn the car on or off...or both...I can't really recall. Powering the sub without use of the aftermarket harness would require getting a 5v regulator at Radio Shack to be wired in between the aftermarket radios remote turn on wire (blue/white) and the cars amp/sub enable wire (not sure of color...I think its the VT/RD wire on one of the smaller of the 3 harness').

      The aftermarket harness also allows you to keep some functions lost when replacing radio without the harness....like Retained Accessory Power...which is when your radio and windows still work after key is removed...it also provides easily access to VSS, Parking Brake, Reverse Light, and Steering Wheel Control wires.

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