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which wires need power for my 4.0 to run

Discussion in 'EEC IV' started by limit_explore, May 17, 2016.

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    1. limit_explore

      limit_explore Member

      March 9, 2010
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      Los Gatos, CA
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      '93 Limited
      hey guys, you know the story.. long time lurker now i need some help.

      ive got a 93 explorer crawler that i want to setup for basically all toggle switch power with a master shut off in case of emergency.

      my question lies with the 4.0 ohv..

      what wires do i need to send power to to make it run?

      the truck is still street legal, but its a trailer queen so im goin to only run headlights and brake lights. ive got all sorts of wiring issues with it hence why i want to eliminate almost everything.
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