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Wrench Light, Code PO713

Discussion in 'Stock 2006 -2010 Explorers' started by GB1977, January 16, 2020 at 7:49 AM.

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  1. GB1977

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    June 25, 2016
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    2010 Explorer XLT
    Yesterday our 2010 4.0L Explorer XLT got a wrench light for the first time which promptly went away. I scanned it after work, and got a PO713 code, for the Transmission Temperature sensor (Sensor A, High Circuit Input).

    This morning the wife called saying it was shifting hard. I told her to shut it off and restart, and now it's shifting softer. I feel like this is related to the TSB about the A/C Drain....Any other paths I should rule out?

    I have the capability to look at Live data through Forscan if it helps. Already have the repair harness on the way just in case, though it's pretty intimidating to start cutting those wires. What is the best place to get a wire diagram of the transmission circuits? I don't mind paying if needed. My Haynes Manual is useless for this.
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