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Camping on Padre Island, TX

Camping on Padre Island, TX

My daughter and I camping on the beach at Padre Island, TX.
I didn't know you had a daughter! Cool deal.
Hey Ron! How's the truck coming along? Is it done yet? Can't wait to see it.

Yeah, Julia lives with her mother in Albuquerque for most of the year and spends her summers with me. I just dropped her off at the airport this last Saturday to send her to my sister's in Phoenix for a couple of weeks before she goes back to Albuquerque. My wife, Emmy, got a laugh at the ticket counter. I told the agent that my daughter was flying alone to Phoenix. Emmy and Julia were standing next to each other and the agent ask me which one was my daughter.

Julia had a good time out at the Moab event. I think she had a crush on Matt "RockRanger".

Here's a classic Emmy and Julia pic from our Moab trip... http://pictures.aquaman.net/ploader/ImageLib/020530/05300250.JPG

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