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Hidden winch and snorkel project while rebuilding motor .
First I started with a universal winch plate from harbor freight, chopped it down on both sides, then got some 4x4 1/4" angle iron two 1 foot sections at my local metal shop I go to for custom made things for work , measured between the frame rails, and added the thickness of the angle iron, set the plate in the angle iron and adjusted to the proper width and clamped together drilled 2 half in holes through plate and angle on each side taking measurements over and over making sure nothing shifts, bolted together with 1/2" grade 8 bolts, then welded in some 1/4" flat bar to the frame rails to make up the difference between crumple zones to make a flat surface (optional) mounted winch to plate and got wires ready then used a couple of Jack's to lift it in place and used the outside scissor Jack's to level it, welded in place (optional) and drilled through the outside of frame through angle and put two more 1/2 grade 8 bolts on each side then ran the electrical to battery,I used a steel hawse fairlead from driver $20 the roller style won't fit, installed flip up license plate mount to access winch, one thing I wish I would of done is remote mount the solenoid box, winch used is a smittybilt xrc gen 2 9500lbs and works great. It fits between the radiator support and bumper it's a tad tight so the hardest part is getting the measurements perfect.
That is Awesome. Thank you for the info. Will be getting the parts to get it installed on mine. Got any Pictures of the build :) Yeah I know a lot of questions. :) I like how the front of our ex's look and want to keep it like that. The rear I am planning to build a bumper for it.
I'll take some pics and post them here I had a pic of the built unit before installation until my cloud got held hostage by Verizon apparently it costs a monthly fee now.:dunno:

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