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No idea what this value represents

No idea what this value represents

Anyone know what this represents?
TID $56: Cylinder events tested and number needed to complete monitor.
The threshold value is the number of cylinders times 500, that is the number of ignition sparks per 1k engine rpm.
Does the TID $56 show 0 with the key on, engine off?
The $50 to $56 tests are misfire related.
Thank you. If I reset the module and run the scan with the Key Off, I do not have any misfire data present. I am swapping wires and coils with my other X which has all new components. I know I have a vacuum leak somewhere but cannot locate it yet. Does $56 represent any one bank or any one cylinder?

This motor recently had a complete upgrade - heads, timing components, bottom end, etc. Runs better than any motor I've ever rebuilt. Timing is spot on. No carbon. New Motorcraft Copper plugs too. It pulls amazingly. Drove to the high desert without any dash lights or anything funny - noise or vibration.
@08EddieCA The $56 is just a counter, near the max value is what should be expected when everything is working correctly. For example, if the engine is running 1k rpm at idle and everything is working correctly, the $56 will log near 3000 timing events. The value 5855 means it took almost 6000 timing events to complete the monitor, almost twice what it is expecting.
Does your scan tool display more $06 options? TID $53 I believe is the cylinder-specific misfire rates.
I think it does. It’s raining here today rather heavily. Hopefully we’ll get a break in the rain and I’ll get a good warm up and scan the x. More to follow.
Solved. Ended up getting the smog certificate from a Star Smog Station. I had three cracked spark plugs. And, I put those plugs in. I wonder if the box of plugs was dropped on the floor or I just failed that day. And I replaced the crank position sensor and cam position sensor.

Runs great now. New heads are broken in.

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