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  • My 2000 XLT 5.0L V8 heater core sprung a leak in 2010, but I was able to stop the leak with some K-Seal. I read the thread about how to repair the Blend door and cut a hole in the cabin-side air distribution box so I could wash out the terrible smelling antifreeze that had accumulated in the box. I sprayed the core and box with some Simple Green, let it set awhile, and flushed it out with a pump-up garden sprayer and warm water. The water drains out thru the A/C condensate drain. It worked, but it took about a week for the smell to finally go away.
    Last week the blasted heater core sprung another leak and filled the cabin with antifreeze smell. $900 repair cost - NOT! I live in south Texas and rarely have to use the heater, so I used the K-Seal procedure again and it worked. The access hole was already cut in the heater box and all I had to do was remove the tape, pull back the flap and wash out the heater core again. BAD DESIGN, FORD!
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