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  • I have the same feelings on mine with the paint. I want it to run better than it looks. At least that's the first priority. Post up any progress you to her.
    it was this way when I bought it. I would love to do lots of stuff to it but it will all be in baby steps. The roll damage is not functional damage and to be honest doesnt bother me much at all. Lots of dents and scratches. I do plan to paint it at some point but mostly to prevent rust. My vision is to have a rock solid drive train and not have to worry about scratches when off road. My first job is dependablilty it is my daily driver. I need to replace tie rods and ball joints and get an alignment. Im off work waiting for a hip replacement so things are going to move slow a while.
    Sorry to hear about your truck. I am definitely happy with all the mods. The programmer helps out the sloppy trans, the shocks and sway bars help with the handling and body roll. The exhaust and intake make it sound great and the tires and wheels make it look better. The stereo and tint and seat covers and interior pieces make it more cozy.

    The best is the exhaust. love to hear it!!

    The best moving forward is yet to come by way of a 347 stroker that is being built for me right now. that will really make things fun.

    Are you re-building?
    Looks like we have about the same rigs. Other than mine is trashed and has been rolled! What mods are most happy with?
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City, State
Calgary, Alberta
Year, Model & Trim Level
2020 ST
Vehicle Specs
3.0L V6 Twin Turbo
Transfer Case


2020 Explorer ST
2016 Transit T-150, 4x4 yes 4x4!
Sold - 2011 Flex Limited AWD w/EcoBoost :D
Sold - 1996 Limited V8, Fordstrokers 347, BW4406
Sold - 2001 Ranger