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  • Well, my Mountaineer finally made it up here and I have a reason to be active on the forum once again - haha. Ive been in Anchorage almost 8 months now and not having my trusty wheels this whole time has been a bummer... time to make up for lost days! Hope all is well for you in the new year. Be sure to let me know of any gatherings (if any) up here
    Thanks for the reply back - im busy as can be preparing to leave my current duty station in Japan heading to Anchorage in July - Im extremely excited - alot to look forward to especially since i can get back to driving my Mountaineer!
    Greetings sir! I am headed to Anchorage in June and was wondering if you're still around that area. My Mounty will be making a 4,700 mile trip... (WOO)

    hope all is well if yours is still in your possession
    Hi Gavin - I have been reading some of your older post and have a question concerning a bw4404 transfer case. I recently purchased a used transfer case but have not installed it yet. The input shaft will slide in and and out of the casing about 1/2 inch in the axial direction. Also the front and rear output shafts do not turn independently with even if a lot of torque applied. Is this normal? I have the option to return it and do not want to install it if it is not good. What do you think? Your post have been incredibly helpful on many topics and I am thankful for all the info you have provided. Thanks, David
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December 28, 1981 (Age: 42)
City, State
Anchorage, Alaska
Year, Model & Trim Level
'97 Explorer XLT AWD 5.0L
Zip Code
Vehicle Specs
5.oh V8
Transfer Case
33x12.5x15 BFG AT T/A KO2
Audio/Video and Navigation
old JVC deck
Cobra CB


Daily Driver: 1997 V8 Explorer - K&N FIPK, 3" Body Lift, OME CS042R Leaf Springs, Torsion Twist, custom-built skidplate. 4.56s, Ion Alloy 133's, 33x12.5 BFG AT TA KO2.
1986 Bronco2: 20-year work-in-progress and counting