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  • 93 Ford Explorer, Passenger's front power seat stuck all the way forward. I powered the seat all the way forward to haul furniture and now it won't power towards the rear. It powers up, down, and tilts. Before it stopped it was hesitating and going really slow. Since the other directions work could it be bad contacts on the forward/backward part of the switch? Or do you think it's the motor? Are there multiple motors for each direction? Nothing on the tracks, could the screw drives need lubrication?
    Thanks for the help, ITBEBOB
    The front to rear power seat switch stopped working. It would power forward but now it's all the way forward and won't power to the rear. The power up & down still work. Are there motors for each power direction? front to rear, and up & down? Could it be that the switch is bad, or that the track is too dirty? Anyone have this issue before and know how to fix? Thanks for the help
    93' Explorer, rear lift gate lock actuator not working. Other door lock actuators are working fine, I can manually lock & unlock the rear lift gate lock. What should I check for before replacing? Is there any other reason it would stop working other than burned out?
    #1. '93 Explorer Driver's side seat belt won't stay latched. Clip won't spring back out to catch the tab. Can I fix it or do I have to replace it?
    #2. '93 Explorer rear lift gate power lock stopped working, the other power locks still work. I can still lock & unlock it manually. What should I look for to fix it before replacing it?
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