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  • So finding a trust worthy shop is important, avoid those which go straight to "it has to be rebuilt", but find one you are comfortable with. For me, I'd install a VB kit and new accumulators, plus solenoids, and any small Sonnax parts available. Most all shops only rebuild, or replace a VB. Most never will install any non stock parts in a Valve Body which is the critical control of the entire trans.
    The five speed automatics were young back then, and not fully sorted out yet by 2002. Any odd shifting with them should be addressed very soon. They are not cheap to be rebuilt, but the bad side is after any serious failure, the reliability is much lower. It's hard to rebuild them to be as good as new. Many transmissions can easily be as good as new after rebuilt, the 5R's are not that kind.
    Hello, we'd like to help you with your truck, but what exact model is it? There are differences through the years by chassis changes, so the model details are critical. Make sure it's right in your profile, signature, and avatar descriptions. We look at those to figure out what you are working with.
    02 explorer sport 4wd. I found the right part for the wheel hub and bearing. I do need to fix the power windows pretty sure it's the ground wire in the driver door need reconnected. But maybe you could tell me why when I'm first accelerating it high revs a bot and shifts harder than it should, not super hard but it's noticable. I just changed the oil few weeks ago but it's not low and the filter is new.
    Only the 1st gear that does it. Thanks for the help. I'm still figuring out the site so thanks for bearing with me on the pats and stuff. It's been super helpful here thanks a ton!
    I like to save money and do things myself. New to explorers, know the basic car repair to learn easily/quickly. Any help and advice welcome
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02 Explorer sport v6 4x4 everything I believe is stock besides the basic maintenance upkeep stuff. It needs love by the looks of things. Slowly replacing parts as I can. Any advice/help with fixes and upgrades are appreciated!
August 14
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Humptulips, Wa
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