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  • i own a 2013 Explorer Limited edition, which I purchased new in early 2013. When I picked the vehicle up from the dealership there was a run in the paint in the hood. The dealership told me they would order a new hood, but they decided to paint the hood instead (without letting me know). Now there is rust on the hood. I took the vehicle back to the dealership and was told that Ford would not cover this under the warranty. I received an extended warranty due to the moon roof rattle issue that Ford could not correct because it was determined to be a "characteristic" of the vehicle. The extended warranty does not cover the rust on the hood, so now I'm dealing with another "characteristic" of the vehicle. The leather seat is also cracking a bit. I'm very disappointed in the quality of the $52K vehicle and in Ford Customer Service. I never had these issues with Toyota or GM. I am currently in the market for a new vehicle, but will not purchase a Ford. I need a vehicle with better quality.
    So the moon roof still rattles, but learned that this is a "characteristic" of the vehicle. Now I have another problem, there is a buzzing noise coming from the passenger side either under the hood or in the dash, but it only happens at speeds over 55 mph. I have read online and found that some people have taped down things under the hood so I have duct tape on several plastic pieces but so far it hasn't helped. Since there are several posts on this issue I'm guessing this is another characteristic. Very frustrating for such an expensive vehicle. I'm not liking all the characteristics. I have a 2013 Ford Explorer Limited with approx. 31,000 miles.
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