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  • Sorry, I missed seeing my messages. Hope you resolved your problem by now. I would have said remove both and closely compare them. Should be the same.
    hey PopRichie77, ive researched and found most of my answers but not to a few crucial ones...could you help please?
    1. I am driving a 99 Ex Sport AWD/4WD 4.0 V6 SOHC/D type trans on door sticker/5R55E trans - Drive gear snap the other day and barely, i mean barely has reverse but has 2nd and 1st
    2. I have sitting a 99 Ranger 4WD 4.0 v6 OHV/D type trans ""/5r55E sitting due to falling asleep and driving off in a ditch-ouch!

    They are both 5 speed with OD Im sure of. I want to swap the trans into the EX.
    1. will I have any issues with bolt up - i read in the trans info here something about a bolt hole not lining up?
    2. is there something simple(bushing etc) I should look at on the ranger trans before install
    3. I believe electrical connections will work as they are?

    thanks for your help...
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