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  • There are a couple writeups on the 4th gen forums that I did. The suspension lift is the truxxx lift kit. about 2.5 front and rear. I also have a body lift kit from performance accesories. pa883. its made fo a ranger. slight modifications necessary. Check out lifted 4th gen thead in the modified 4th gen forum. Thats for the body lift. also I got 32" tires. 265/70/17. I did not re-gear and see no ned to. If i went any larger I would just because the v6 lags a little with the larger tires. U will have to re-program your speedo since it will read slower than your actually going.
    Hey I was just wondering do you have a write up for your build on your ex? We both have the same gen and I love how yours looks. 5" seems perfect. Any Issues you have had after lifting? Oh and what tire size are you running and if went bigger did you reprogram anything for the larger size?
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Fort Myers Florida
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2007 Explorer Eddie Bauer
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