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rich uk
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  • Ay up Rich,

    Thanks for the offer mate. Chrisquelch gave the filter kit away to someone who had a auto box off him. I really want the 'bonded' gasket though, because, lets face it, it can't do any harm changing it. I suppose i'm expecting it to be the magic cure. LOL.
    Would you have the right part number Rich? I could go to Fords then.

    Nice to hear from you,

    hi rich i just got 1999 ex with gas so will be selling my silver/gray 2000 north face. would you be interested in buying it. its in excellent condition.only brob is the gearbox warning light comes on after fast driving(think it need fluid flush) but doesn't affect the changes Ive been driving it for 9 months with no trouble. its a bargain at £950. letting you know first then putting on forum want to keep it in the family. if that fails its eBay .cheers Chris
    hi rich ive just come back from florida (spending more than i earn) so got to pay for it now .hope your new job is ok and you get monster up and running .cheers chris
    Hi Chris ..
    err no I havent, been out and found a couple more lanes but have been a bit tyed up with work ...take it your up for a run then?
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Rich :wtf: