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  • Thanks. I fished some speaker wire in there (don’t know if it helped) and then blew it out with 45-50 psi but i attached a straw on the blower to really get it in the hole. Worked like a charm. Thanks again for the tips
    Thanks for the tip. I bought the parts yesterday and went at it. When blowing the air, it seems most of the air escapes back up thru the same drain entrance(not a tight seal). I’m not sure how much is actually being pushed thru the drain hose. Did you notice this issue as well?
    I didn't notice any blow back. What psi are you using? Does the nozzle fit into the drain hole? Try using the air in the exit hole. Maybe you have a hard build up at the exit and that will loosen it up and then try the drains again at the sunroof.
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