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Search results

  1. John_Rock

    Wanted Texas Sport Tracs!

    We are trying to get a Texas Explorerforum Meet and Greet together over on this thread...
  2. John_Rock

    Texas EF members meet and greet

    And Blee1099 is not allowed to be at this meet!
  3. John_Rock

    2001 Job 1 Sport Trac fuses and relays

    Here's a scan of the pages from my manual for the fuses and relays for my 2001 Job 1 Sport Trac.
  4. John_Rock

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to me and my Sport Trac

    Today is my 10th year Anniversary of buying my 2001 Sport Trac 4x4. I drove her off the Mak Haik Ford dealer lot 10 years ago tonight. It was a Friday night and the next day me, my daughter, and my girlfriend at that time spent the July 4th weekend camping at Big Bend National Park. Doing...
  5. John_Rock

    Spring Creek Offroad is Closed

    I just learned the other week that Spring Creek Offroad got closed. The government forced them to sell the land because the government has plans to make parks all along Spring Creek. It was a local good spot for me to have a little bit of fun with out...
  6. John_Rock

    Google/PicasaWeb - Eye-Fi Deal

    Increase your Google/PicasaWeb storage to 200Gb for $50 and get a FREE Eye-Fi 4GB card. My Panasonic camera is compatible with the Eye-Fi card. Check yours at this link...
  7. John_Rock

    Windows 7 - XP Mode Warning...

    So you have Windows 7 installed, but one of your favorite or needed programs is not running on it. :( No problem Microsoft says... If you don't have Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, just do an upgrade and then you can download and install the XP Mode program. Basically installing a...
  8. John_Rock

    Speed Control Deactivation Switch Recall (09S09)

    Please make sure you get your Explorer checked or updated with this recall. If you have the old Cruise Control Deactivation Switch, it's possible that brake fluid can leak and then catch on fire. According to the link below this affects 2nd Generation Explorers from 1995 until 2002. So it's...
  9. John_Rock

    Shelby autos unveils ford f150 super snake concept at lvms 11/3/2009

    No more super charged Harley Davidson models anymore, but who needs one if you have the money to make your F150 a Super Snake. :p: Maybe this is why Froader bought an F150. Hmmmmm
  10. John_Rock

    SVO's Silver State Classic Challenge Trip Blog

    SVO asked me to start this thread for him and post the first picture of his adventure to the Silver State Classic Challenge in Nevada. The Silver State Classic Challenge is an authorized Open Road Racing event that is run on a 90 mi (140 km) stretch of...
  11. John_Rock

    Firetrucks collide in Houston Can you imagine sitting there watching this happen? Yikes!
  12. John_Rock

    01-05 Sport Trac FAQs

    01-05 Sport Trac FAQs I'm starting this FAQs thread today to keep track of things we know about our 1st generation Sport Tracs. Please PM me anything that you feel should be a FAQ in this thread. First item to FAQ. The Job 1 / Job 2 crossover date. There were some significant changes made...
  13. John_Rock

    Return from Katemcy Rocks, TX - Feb. 21, 2009

    I had an itching to get out of Houston last weekend. So I got the Sport Trac ready and late Friday evening I headed for Txplates house in Marble Falls, TX. We had two choices for offroad parks near Marble Falls. Boulder Creek Trail Park or Katemcy Rocks. Katemcy Rocks looked more...
  14. John_Rock

    Tommy Chong - Where are you?

    I'm sitting here watching a show on Showtime. "A/K/A Tommy Chong" He was cleaning up some stuff from his shutdown bong business and loading it into a 1st gen black Sport Trac. Nice Trac man. :thumbsup:
  15. John_Rock

    Problems with Google today??

    I've had problems reaching Google on and off today. Anybody else having this same problem??
  16. John_Rock

    They don't build them like they use to...

    How many of you have a computer at home that still runs and is over 10 years old? Well, I have a computer at home that still runs and is close to 19 years old. I thought it was almost 20 years old. There are boards and chips inside the computer with 1989 printed on them. But according to...
  17. John_Rock

    Hurricane Ike - Pre-Storm Surge - 9/12/2008 9:46am

    The storm surge is already coming in at 9/12/2008 9:46am here in Channelview, TX 77530.
  18. John_Rock

    Spring Creek Offroad Park

    I got my truck back together recently and decided to go check out Spring Creek again. I think it has been about 2 years since I had been out there. And I had heard that some things had changed. Spring Creek Offroad Park is just North of Houston in Spring, Texas. The park charges $10 per...
  19. John_Rock

    Mac Attack!

    I welcome the new year 2008. Some changes are happening at my work place. We got a new President here at work. I guess he's an Apple enthusiast. Back in December he got the CEO to change from a Nokia phone to the iPhone. Since I got to setup the iPhone for the CEO I got to play with it a...
  20. John_Rock

    Old SEMA Sport Trac Pictures

    Tonight I was going through and old harddrive looking at pictures and I came across a bunch of pictures of Sport Tracs at SEMA. They are either from the 2000 or 2001 SEMA show. Maybe some of you have seen them before, but maybe not. Anyways, I decided to upload them to my photogallery...
  21. John_Rock

    Acronym Usage

    This forum is made up of a very diverse crowd. From novices to experts in all kinds of things. Some of us may be acronym gurus for what gets discussed on this board and some of us may be total novices and not have a clue. And then some are in between. I was reading a transmission thread...
  22. John_Rock

    What year ST has this rack and pinion?

    Ok, I bought a new rack and pinion for my truck. Somehow my original one got cracked. :D So yesterday I got the old one pulled out. And when getting ready to put the new one in, my friend and I noticed that two of the hoses that hook up to it do not connect the same way on this new rack. :(...
  23. John_Rock

    Demon4x4 Crew @ Comanche Ridge - 10/7

    Doug came to pickup his Explorer from SVO this weekend. So some of us got together and we came wheeling at the Comanche Ridge property here in Bastrop, TX. Well, Doug decided to drive his Explorer into the first mud hole he saw and after a good try to get out I had to pull him out. Then he...
  24. John_Rock

    Japanese Sport Trac

    I just got back from a trip to the Philippines. As usual I saw lots of interesting trucks that you don't see here in the USA. As I traveled through the Philippines, I kept catching a glimpse of a truck that looked a lot like a 1st gen Sport Trac. I finally figured out that it was a Mitsubishi...
  25. John_Rock

    Trying to profit big from Anna Nicole Smith's Death

    Some people on Ebay are reallying trying to cash in on her death. Buy it Now $2,850,000.00 Buy it Now $500,000.00...