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Search results

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    $500 to replace purge canister and DPFE ... doesnt sound right?

    Hey everyone, been a long time since ive been posted on here but I feel like I am being ripped off by this mechanic and could use a 2nd opinion on the matter. ive got a 2001 ranger with the SOHC, 98k miles on it. about 5 months ago it threw out a CEL and a check gas cap light. got the codes...
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    4" lift for 3rd gen

    i saw a 3rd gen lift at the last off road expo in pomona, the irs drop brackets looked like this
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    Norton Antivirus subscription renewal rip-off?

    i wouldn't trust a free a/v, if you ever get a real virus it is going to completely mess up whatever a/v you have and then you are screwed. i would just stick with norton, if you want something different there is an a/v called panda titanium that is kick ass, it slows your system down a little...
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    2004 sport trac frame under Ranger cab

    since sport tracs are basically a super cab i doubt the frame would be ready to bolt an extended cab up to it. i would say keep looking
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    Front d-shaft removal, stuck at the diff

    yep it is the same shaft, i ended up just dropping my purse yanked that thing out, no more vibration and clunking now :)
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    Front d-shaft removal, stuck at the diff

    Hello all, I am taking off my front driveshaft to diagnose a clunking i am getting, and i got all of the bolts off but the darn shaft won't pop away from the front diff. I am assuming it just pops out... it was pretty caked up with gunk and rust at first so i sprayed some PB blaster on it, but...
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    All lifted 3rd Gens, post them up here.

    yeah i just checked out their site and that's the kit i saw, the front end looked pretty beefy as far as the arms go, but idk that particular lift is a little too bling bling for me.
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    All lifted 3rd Gens, post them up here.

    at the offroad expo i took a picture of a new expedition with a suspension lift, drop down brackets front and rear. i'll try to get the picture off my buddies camera because it is an interesting looking rear.
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    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    you should mount a camera to catch reactions when you take it to the steets :)
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    CB install

    when i wired up my CB i taped into the radio power. I pulled up the center cupholders and ran the ground to a metal screw in the center console, and then taped the hot into the ACC radio wire so the CB would be powered only when the key was turned on. I had an aftermarked headunit so finding...
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    My Girlfriend Is Getting HUGE!

    lol i love the captions on the girlfriend box "no more do i look fat" "won't run up credit card bills"
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    slow ass card reader!!!!!

    it's probably a combination of the internal reader and mcafee. the internal reader is probably not usb 2.0 (since its older) so that right there is going to slow you down a lot. mcafee can also slow you down, it hogs resources just sitting there and when you transfer pictures onto the computer...
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    Such a Hippocrite

    shame on you :) you have to compliment your race truck with a f350 disco with 44's on 22" rims.
  14. B

    replacing transfer case chain (BW 4404 AWD case)

    i've gone through 2 cases (both chain failures) and i would add another +1 to the 'buy a used one' taking the case apart can be a royal pita.
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    offroad expo pictures!

    this year wasn't as good as last year in my opinion, i went today and had a blast as usual though :D did anyone check out the lifted 3rd gen expedition in the main parking lot? it had an IFS and IRS suspension lift, i took a picture of the rear drop down bracket (it looks funky), i'll try to...
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    Transfer case Clutch???

    does the 4x4 light still come on when you flip the switch? i would make sure the t-case is actually shifting first.
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    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    lol the looks people will give are going to be priceless.
  18. B

    Jurassic Park...The SUV!

    haha i remember photoshops of a JP explorer to see how it would look ... but seeing a real picture makes it look so much more kick ass. :thumbsup:
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    Prepping for a 3" Body-Lift

    with just a torsion twist nothing is lifted really so you wouldn't need to put a longer rod to connect the sway bar. the picture is of an RCD lift which has a drop down bracket, making the sway bar connector reach a lot farther to touch the lower arm.
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    transfer case problem?

    if you feel a loss of power when you hear the banging sound chances are the chain inside the t-case is slipping.
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    Check Engine Light: P0171 & P0174

    i had that problem, same codes + low milage and it turned out to be a vacuum tube with a hole in it right next to the throttle body.
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    BW4406 controls like 98-02 Expedition/Navigator

    i would say get the switch and then find a way to wire it to do the brown fire mod like you said above... it couldn't be TOO hard :)
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    My Toasty F150

    good thing you weren't in it when it started. i am going to go disconnect my cruise control right now.
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    RCD shock and mount numbers.

    subscribing awsome idea :)
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    Cold Air Intake?

    for explorers the KKM is your best bet, just as good as K&N but much cheaper. i've got a FIPK on my sohc and love it also.