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Search results

  1. D

    Spotted my old explorer!?! Indianapolis in

    My brother sent me this photo today, ya gotta be my old 96 explorer that I traded in in 2008. Thought for sure it was are you on here? South side of indianapolis 96 explorer Body lift Custom snorkel Looks like 35’s
  2. D

    Crazy dealership

    Last week I traded my sploder in for a 06 gave me 2k for my sploder...I about fell out of my chair I never expected so much.... it was a 96 175k leaking tranny replaced the factory tcase with a 1354m so the lights in the dash flashed rustt out rockers lots of body damage...
  3. D

    Squeaking suspinsion (video)

    so...when going over bumps and what front end is making a horrible metalic squeaking the video below for yourself and tell me what it could be....shocks are prob not them....swaybar?....balljoints?.....t-bar adjusters? and yes i know it looks as if i am...
  4. D

    April Fools...and no prank

    :( sad april fools prank on the forum this year...what is this place comming to:( the old serious azteks must be a thing of the past:( :p:
  5. D

    Second Gen Snorkel Install

    So, being a teacher, I have the summers off, and I got bored last week and I did the one thing most sane people do...I decided to put a snorkel on my truck. That led me to this site where I did some research...found some pics of the other snorkel's that have been made, and basically coppied...
  6. D

    Front Fender Removal Questions

    Ok, so tonight in prep for a new project I was trying to take the fender off, I had all the bolts out taht I thought needed to come out, but it still wasnt comming off. I had the bolts out from un the rockers, the one in the door jamb, the one on the side behind the bumper, the one behind the...
  7. D

    Badlands June 29, 30, July 1st

    As the title states there will be a run at the badlands on that weekend at the Badlands off road park in Attica Indiana....hope you can make it, and please post up if you plan to make it. It should be a pretty mild weekend so stockers are definetly welcome, as my truck is definetly not capable...
  8. D

    Badlands in June

    So....Who wants to hit the badlands next month? what dates work for you?:D :thumbsup:
  9. D

    Drive shaft bolt question

    Ok, So I will be swaping t-cases tomorrow, and I will need to drop the front d-shaft. The straops holding the u-joint to the yolk has a 12pf bolt, and my socket set dosent have the right size socket, so my question is what size is it? I have a 11/32" 6pt socket that seems to fit, but I just...
  10. D

    man-tcase and body lift

    Ok, so I am about to install a bw 1354 manual t-case in my has a 3" body i going to need to ented the shifter handel at all? I have been looking around could not find a defineate answer. i assume it will poke up throught the floor in the same place as it would on a struck...
  11. D

    Finally got a real Camera!

    well, since I am a high school art teacher (mostly photo) and the strong trend the industry going towards digital, i finally saved my pennies and get a new camera the other day. I picked up a Canon 30D,8.3mp fully manual, plus tons of auto settings, totally love it, I would recomend this camera...
  12. D

    Badlands April 1st

    Badlands March 31st Anyone interested in going to the Badlands on March 31st....its a saturday....looking at jsut a day trip at this point, but could turn into longer if anyone is interested.....lets get this going!:D
  13. D

    Badlands..early Nov?

    I was wanting to get to the badlands one more time this year. Was thinking either the first weekend or third weekend in november. RRORC has a run around this time of the year there, so i will prob go with them, just seeing if there is anyone else interested in going I know Hokie is here...
  14. D

    Tranny temp gauge install with pics for a while I have wanted to install one of these...I didnt want to put the sender in the pan as i think that is a bad idea with as little ground clearance that I have since i off-road, so I decided to put the sender inline with the lines as they went into the radiator. I did some...
  15. D

    Where to put temp gauge sensor at?

    Ok, so i am going to install an aux tranny cooler this weekend, and since i will be in there installing things i figured a temp gauge would be a good far i have read about the temp gauges in an aux filter housing...dont really want to go down this i was thinking of...
  16. D

    So was it just the midwest or what?

    :fire: :fire: :eek: did gas go up everywhere in the neighborhood of 30-50 cents???? :fire: :fire: :eek:
  17. D

    cooling problems

    ok, so i have recently changes my coolant, and after i changed it i now have a problem. When i get on the interstate the temp gauge sweeps up pretty high and then slowly returns to normal. I have burped the system several times thinking it was just air, but i think i have ruled that out. In...
  18. D

    Lound Clunk when shifting into R

    Like the title says, my 96 makes a lound hard violent clunk and jerk when you shift it into reverse. Once shifted it goes backwards fine, and otherwise works fine. I have no idea where to start with this problem. I have just been not using reverse lately becasue the clunk is that bad. Fluid...
  19. D

    Rear tow point options

    Ok, so here's the deal. currently i have a trailer hitch on the rear and use it as a tow point. I also have a 3" b/l and with that the hitch looks uber ghey hanging down so low. Also to be able to add my bumper lift brackets i need to take the trailer hitch off. So my question is, what other...
  20. D

    What do you think?

    so i am thinking of herc'ing my bumerps and trim to get rid of the chrome and grey two tone type are two quick and dirty p-shops of what i am talking about go for it or not?
  21. D

    Help my G/F raise money for breast cancer!

    My G/f is doing a charity walk this comming weekend to raise money to support breast cancer reaserch. If you could help support her that would be fantastic! :thumbsup: Click here to Donate Thanks once again :thumbsup:
  22. D

    Dman's Body Lift B&A

    :D Welp, got the b/l put on today...its about time, i have had it sittin here since spring........went down to Buckshots house this morning and we kicked its ass......everything but the rear bumper in less than 7 hours :D We really had no major problems at all....The front bumper still needs...
  23. D

    Back to school.....

    had my last day of first classes today :confused: damn i am ready to graduate in may. Good luck to you all this semester :D :roll:
  24. D

    Spare tire on the do you attach??

    I recently required a 32" tire for a spare and plan to keep it on the roof, but my question is how does one go about ataching it....i currently have it up there with 4 ratchet straps going through the center hole and then around the factory crossbars. i eventually want to get a basket for it...
  25. D

    Return from Badlands with pics

    well i guess i will start this.....had a great time on the trail on saturday.... ran the green trail first thing in the morning....its a little tough...lots of straight up and down hills that ya get highcentered on...i lost a drivers side rocker pannel, and the passenger side will be comming off...