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Search results

  1. J

    SoCal Rollcage Party Webcam ChitChat

    The Party has started! And the webcams are up. :thumbsup: EDIT: and I spelled party wrong. :rolleyes: Here's a current preview of Webcam #1:
  2. J

    Help w/ Engine Swap

    Can anybody give me some help this weekend, Saturday and/or Monday with swapping out my my engine in my Explorer? :hammer: I mostly just need a spotter to help with getting the engine in and out of the truck. PM me if you can help, Thanks. :thumbsup:
  3. J

    Truckhaven for T-day -Nov 23-26

    We've talked about this in a few different threads, but it could use a thread of its own. So who all is coming? John and I will be out there from Thurs night through Sun morning.
  4. J

    California BBQ -July 15th

    I've started this thread so that all the important info is in the first post. When: July 15th, Noon 'till whenever, Lunch ~2pm Who: Any EF members. Just post here if you plan to attend and also let me know what you plan to bring for the potluck. What: Food, Friends, Fresh Faces, and...
  5. J

    Return from Badlands Attica, IN 2006 Photos

    Well this isn't really a return post yet, since I'll still be here tomorrow, but this is for all you web wheelers. :D I took 144 pics and 15 videos today :thumbsup: Lets see how long it takes to upload them all using my Cingular EDGE card :rolleyes: I had a blast today. We started off...
  6. J

    Jefe's Elec-trac carnage

    Sometime during the Truckhaven 2006 run my Elec-Trac started acting up again. I figured it was just it being its own stubborn self again. . .until I went to test it at home, and after going between lock and L/S for a minute, It bound up and I bounced the tire and spinning the tire did not spin...
  7. J

    Top Gear coming to the US I enjoy watching the British version and download it every week. I was also intersting to see Discovery pick it up (although they edited the show and 'Americanized' it). It will be interesting to see this new version...
  8. J

    Jefe's DD -Ford Focus

    I bought myself a DD a week ago, for Christmas. Its a 2001 Ford Focus SE: 60k miles on it 2.0L 16v Zetec -130 HP @ 5500 RPM -127 lb-ft @ 4000 RPM 5 speed manual EPA Mileage 28/36 With all the goodies: Air Conditioning Power Steering AM/FM 6-disc in-dash CD System Power...
  9. J

    AZ Run 2005?

    So is there going to be an Arizona Run this year? I've heard mention of it a few times, but nothing official. My calendar is filling up, and I know summer is sneaking up on us quickly. . .
  10. J

    Truckhaven for New Years?

    John and I had been planning to run out to Truckhaven for New Years as usual, but no one else has mentioned anything about it. Anybody up for it, or should we just hold out for the official run?
  11. J

    2000 4.0 OHV & Manual trans

    I'm looking for someone with a 2000 4.0 OHV & manual transmission. I know they're very rare since I was looking for a manual when I was searching for my truck. If you have this combination could you post your 4 digit PCM computer code. With the 700R4 in, my CEL is always on which is annoying...
  12. J

    SoCal 4x4 trip in October?

    EDIT: For those just joining the plan is: Truckhaven :bounce: Fri night Oct. 15th through Sunday afternoon Oct 17th List of interested participants: (confirmed in Red) (2wd bumped down a level) Big Dawg: Brother_of_Jefe Cheif34 Jefe Josh S Modified: DB_1 exploderpilot Felix...
  13. J

    Unable to talk to PCM via OBD-II

    I have my carPC linked with my OBD-II hardware and software. It worked great for 6 months, and then stopped working a few months ago (no connection detected). I've tested the hardware and software by connecting to my moms 2002 Explorer and it works fine. The engine hasn't been running...
  14. J

    Jefe's 700R4 swap

    I got tired of the computer deciding when my 5R55E transmission should shift, since it hadn't a clue with all the mods I've done so I decided It was time for a change. The two choices were a manual, or a 700R4 for a lower crawl ratio. I love having an auto in LA traffic (and Its grown on me...
  15. J

    Jefe - Valencia, CA

    Me and My Rig:
  16. J

    Jefe makes it on They're all talking crap about me as far as I can tell :rolleyes: (from running it through a few different web translators) But hey, any publicity is good publicity right? :D
  17. J

    Carputer, CarPC; whatever you want to call it

    Santa came a little early this year. . . With the SAS complete my Audio system needed to be stepped up a notch (or ten :D ). Specs are: -VIA EPIA M10000 Motherboard --1 Ghz C3 CPU --512 MB RAM -D-link DWL-520+ Wi-Fi card -DVD-ROM -120 GB Hard Drive -Innovatek IN-720...
  18. J

    Jefe's 2000 XLT SAS

    Got Flex? :D Dead Link Removed Setup consists of: Front: Rubicon Express Long Arms for TJ's Custom D44 front axle: -High Pinion -4.88's -Elec-trac -TJ width (~2" wider than stock explorer) -TJ brackets -Chevy outers; 11" disk brakes, Warn premium hubs...
  19. J

    Jefe's Rear Bumper / Tire Carrier

    I've been planning this for a long time now, but wanted to wait till my Body lift was out so I didn't have to fab up brackets twice. I like the look of the stock rear bumper, so I wanted to keep it, so I figured out how I could keep it while reinforcing it to put a tire carrier on it...
  20. J

    Dual Batteries in a '00

    When I first bought my Optima it was interesting to see how much unused space was left since the stock battery is so large, and the Optima so small. After a little bit of thinking I figured I could probably get two Optimas in the same location as my stock battery. Optima in stock location...
  21. J

    Jefe's SAS

    Everyone else has a SAS thread in here, so I figured that instead of being jealous, I'd just start my own :) I've been planning this for a few months now, and the parts are now starting to collect. The plan is to buy a TJ D30 front axle to use for sizing and testing purposes, and replace...
  22. J

    Jefe broke a what??

    After spending all night (well, ok, I knew what was wrong 30 mins into it) tearing apart my front end I have figured out why I have only had 3WD since the AZ run: :eek: Broken vs. Normal I really didn't think it'd be possible to break an axle. . . always figured a CV...
  23. J

    2 Ton Press

    I pulled a little 'stunt' at Truckhaven last week and bent my t-case skid plate (again) so I figured I'd share with everyone my high tech 2 ton press: Before: The Press in action: After. Good as new :) :
  24. J

    Jefe's Rig - What to do?

    I'm tired of pulling apart my front end to replace worn parts because of running 35's and a front locker. I enjoy wheeling, and do it often (1-4 times a month). You'll find me fighting to keeping up with the Big Dawgs but I don't abuse it (haven't broken anything on the trail yet [knock on...
  25. J

    Rowher Flats (So Cal) Feb 1st

    My brother and I are looking at doing a trail during the day Saturday Feb 1st. Probably Rowher trail or Lookout trail starting at Rowher Flats. Rowher Flats is up Sierra Hwy just north of Santa Clarita, CA. We will probably meet up with everyone at the In-n-Out just off the 14 at the Sand...